About us

The Canadian Hindu Educational and Welfare society (C.H.E.W.S.), is a non-profit association that caters to the religious, cultural and educational needs of a growing population of Indian families in Canada. Our main aim is promoting education, mutual respect and fair depiction of Hinduism in Canada. It was founded by a group of enthusiastic people with the sole aim of preserving our age-old Hindu traditions. Ours is a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to the principles of Hinduism. We are an organization which is at our community; we regularly conduct Bhajans, where we sing devotional songs in all Indian languages. We also have a family get together every year. We organize religious and cultural functions, which includes celebration of festivals, lectures, music and dance performances by distinguished visitors and members of the local community on a regular basis to give our children and adults many opportunities to have a glimpse of the Hindu culture. We regularly participate in charity work and have worked alongside many charitable trusts in the past. We do  charity work as financial aid for people suffering from severe illness. All our kids are members of this society, where they learn to appreciate their cultural roots, learn Hindu values in an enjoyable manner and make good friends. They will also develop a sense of Sewa, Service to humankind. Our organization aims to promote inter-racial harmony and build a future generation appreciating Hindu values and traditions. Canadian Hindu  Educational and Welfare society (C.H.E.W.S.)’s mission is to work for a strong, cohesive and active Hindu community in Canada, aiming to live in harmony with other religious and cultural communities while also devoted to preserving, promoting and sharing Hindu faith, culture and traditions with others in the society.


• To promote education, mutual respect and fair depiction of Hinduism in Canada.
• Promote religious, cultural, educational and social activities which are consistent with Hindu philosophy and practice.
• To promote and practice the ideals of Hinduism and the Hindu religion through worship, education, social service and teaching.
• To strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values of Hindu scriptures into daily life.
• To maintain a community center for the purpose of conducting Hindu Religious, social, educational, cultural, literary, and performing arts activities consistent with the primary objective as stated above
• The C.H.E.W.S. aims to teach all youngsters the basics of Hinduism through scriptures and stories that highlight the important values of the religion.
• The Society also promotes cultural awareness by organizing cultural programs and shows on a regular basis to give our children and adults many opportunities to have a glimpse of the great culture, and a first-hand experience of how festivals are celebrated across diverse India.
• To undertake, organize and do all things (religious, spiritual, charitable, educational, social, cultural and sports) as may be deemed proper and conductive to wards the social and cultural advancement of the community.
• Social service based oh Hindu Philosophy, ”MANAVA SEVA MADHAVA SEVA”, which means, ”Service to humanity, is service to God”


Satya – Be truthful. We pride ourselves in offering programming and information with accuracy, integrity, and honesty.
Ahimsa – Be non-harming. We aspire to work and communicate fairly and respectfully.
Viveka – Be discerning. We approach our work through careful contemplation, reason, and consensus building.
Utsaah -Be passionate. We are passionate about Hindu Dharma, the global community, and our work.



Canadian Hindu Educational and Welfare society (C.H.E.W.S.) strives to create an environment of unity whilst catering to the social and spiritual needs of Hindu community encourages learning and discussion about Hinduism( Sanatan Dharm) amongst its members and wider community. Our Mission is to provide an environment Where Indian Canadians can
meet to continue and celebrate the religious and cultural traditions of our heritage, Where the youth can gather to listen, question and incorporate the
‘Hindu’ ideals in their daily life, and continue the legacy of our cultural heritage and Where we can promote the wisdom of the Hindu philosophy, and intercultural appreciation and understanding to anyone that is

meaning “May all beings everywhere in the world
live in happiness and freedom”


A world in which the well-being of Hindus is
secure and
all people and the planet thrive.


Canadian Hindu Educational and Welfare society (C.H.E.W.S.) is to meet the cultural and religious needs of Hindus living in Surrey B.C. Canada to:
• Organizes social, cultural and religious events celebrating Hindu festivals and holidays.
• Promotes awareness of the ‘Hindu way of life’ within ourselves and our neighbors.
• Develops religious and cultural education programs and discussion.
• Develops community service projects to promote the spirit of Giving In our neighboring communities.
• Develops religious and cultural education programs and discussion.